INOMATIKA 2020-07-08T02:24:55+00:00 Yudi Yunika Putra Open Journal Systems <pre>Title : Inovasi Matematika (Inomatika)<br>Website : <a title="Website-Inomatika" href=""></a><br>Publisher : STKIP Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung <br>ISSN : 2656-7245 (online), 2656-7431 (print) <br>DOI Prefix : 10.35438 <br>Subject : Learning, Teacher and Student in Education <br>Frequency : Bimonthly approximately 14 articles <br>Language : Indonesia (id) <br>Citation : Google Scholar <br>Archive : Archive RJI <br>OAI : <a title="oai-inomatika" href=""></a></pre> Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Discovery Learning Tipe POE dan Aktivitas Belajar terhadap Kemampuan Metakognitif 2020-07-08T01:47:30+00:00 Dwi Susanti Chairul Anwar Fredi Ganda Putra Netriwati Kiki Afandi Santi Widyawati <p>Remembering formulas without understanding its concept is a constraint in students’ learning activities. Therefore, the learning model needs to be implemented to make students active in understanding the concept of the material that teachers provide. This research intention is to reveal: (1) the effect of the discovery learning model of POE learning type towards metacognitive ability; (2) the influence of learning activity towards metacognitive ability; (3) the interaction between discovery learning model of POE learning type and learning activity toward metacognitive ability. This research applied experimental research; it was conducted through experiments or trials. It used a Quasy-Experimental design that has control group design, but it does not fully function to control the external variables that affect the execution of the experiment. The research outcomes show: (1) there is an effect of discovery learning model of POE learning type towards metacognitive ability; (2) there is an influence of learning activity towards students’ metacognitive ability; (3) there is no interaction between discovery learning model of POE learning type and learning activity toward students’ metacognitive ability.</p> 2020-06-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA Tahap Preliminary Research Pengembangan LKPD Berbasis PBL Materi Peluang Kejadian Majemuk 2020-07-08T01:51:28+00:00 Jamila Wati Zulfah <p>The purpose of this research is to conduct an initial analysis in developing students' worksheets (Lembar Kerja Peserta Didik, LKPD) based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) to develop mathematical problem-solving ability optimally. This research used the first stage on the ADDIE Model, an analysis model. Analysis activity in this research was begun with need analysis, learners’ analysis, curriculum analysis, and construct analysis. Based on the result of the analysis stage, it can be concluded that to be able to strengthen students’ ability to fix mathematical problems, teachers provide learning resources that will facilitate students to enhance and develop their mathematical problem-solving abilities on multiple occurrence opportunities material. Through the students’ worksheet which is based on PBL as a proven approach, the use of students’ worksheets can help learners develop their problem-solving ability.</p> 2020-06-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA Kemampuan Berpikir Kreatif Matematis Siswa SMP Pada Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Brain Based Learning 2020-07-08T01:54:48+00:00 Anastasia Veranti Whisky Cahyani Rohana Ali Syahbana <p>This research investigates the influence of Brain-Based Learning Model to the students’ mathematical creative thinking. True Experimental Design method was used in this research because the subjects selected randomly. The subjects in this research were 50 students of seventh grade of SMP Xaverius 1 Palembang, there were 24 students of VII-A as an experimental group and 26 students of VII-I as a control group. The collecting data technique used a test that was analyzed using Independent Sample T-Test. Based on the result and discussion, it can be concluded that there is a significant influence between Brain-Based Learning models to mathematical creative thinking ability; this is affected in the teaching and learning process that carries out the variety of designs to reduce students’ boredom and challenge the students’ creativity.</p> 2020-06-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA Pendekatan Reciprocal Teaching Berbantuan Wondershare Quiz Creator Pada Pembelajaran Matematika 2020-07-08T02:01:25+00:00 Lala Anggraini Achmad Hidayatullah Endang Suprapti <p>This research describes and elaborates on the effect of Reciprocal Teaching assisted Wondershare Quiz Creator media to Mathematics learning outcome in the VIII.B class students of SMP Muhammadiyah 13 Surabaya. This research was conducted to enhance students' mathematics outcomes by using True Experimental research design with Pretest-Post-test Control Group Design. The collecting data technique used to pretest and post-test also students' and teachers' activity observation worksheet and students’ response questionnaire; all the instruments were analyzed using descriptive quantitative. The results show (1) based on t-test measurement, it is found that the average of the final score of the experimental group is better than the control group; (2) the most dominant on students’ activity is participating in problem-solving activities by discussing with groups with the result of 37%; (3) teachers activities score an average of 3.72 which means very good; (4) students indicate positive respond on learning with a score of 95.6%. So, it can be concluded that the reciprocal teaching approach assisted the wonder-share quiz creator which has a positive and significant effect.</p> 2020-06-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA Tahap Preliminary Research Pengembangan LKPD Matematika Berbasis Konstruktivisme Materi Program Linier 2020-07-08T02:14:51+00:00 Rahma Oktaviani Zulfah <p>This research intends to lead an initial analysis in developing students' worksheets (LKPD) based on constructivism to facilitate the students’ ability in understanding the mathematical concepts optimally. This research used the Borg and Gall Model which consists of ten stages, but in this study conducted the first stages, preliminary research stage. The first step is the initial stage of the research; it needed analysis, students’ analysis, curriculum analysis, construct analysis, and analysis of existing teaching materials. Based on the results of the preliminary analysis, it can be concluded that to be able to fortify students’ ability in understanding the mathematical concepts, the teachers need learning tools that will help students learn and expand their skills in understanding mathematical concepts in the linear program material. The students’ worksheet, which is based on one of the methods that have been shown to enhance the ability to understand concepts, namely Constructivism, should provide information that will help students improve the ability to understand their concepts.</p> 2020-06-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA Pembelajaran Materi Aritmetika Sosial Dengan Pendekatan STEM 2020-07-08T02:21:16+00:00 Betty Heryuriani Musdayati <p>The social arithmetic skill of students in mathematics is still poor required practice in-class learning. One of them provides learning through STEM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). This research leads to describe the improvement of students’ learning outcomes in social arithmetic material through the STEM approach. The classroom action research method carried out in two cycles was used in this study due to an improvement in students’ social arithmetic skills. The subjects in this study were 41 students of grade VII who was studying social arithmetic material. Learning activities were designed through the STEM approach by giving project tasks in making fermented cassava and banana chips. Data collection in this study was conducted through a written test for cognitive assessment, while for the affective evaluation seen from the preparation until the final project assignments report. The data analysis of the test was measured using descriptive quantitative and the data observation was evaluated using descriptive qualitative. The findings show that the STEM approach allows students to grasp the social arithmetic material that can be seen from better learning outcomes from the research subjects.</p> 2020-06-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA Conjecturing Ability Dalam Pembelajaran Daring Masa Pandemi Covid-19 2020-07-08T02:24:55+00:00 Yani Supriani Giyanti Tb. Sofwan Hadi <p>Learning was done online during the COVID-19 pandemic; it inhibits the development of mathematical cognitive abilities, whereas this ability supports the learning skills of students in mathematics. One of the cognitive gained is the conjecturing ability or the ability to formulate the mathematical conjecture of junior high school students. The conjecture is the reason that someone has a belief, interpretation of why a belief is true, or how someone knows what he knows. So it is necessary to do an in-depth study and analysis of students’ mathematical conjecturing abilities. This study involved 26 students in one of junior high school in Serang as the research subjects, the approach used is a qualitative approach. The finding shows that the students’ conjecturing ability is still worse in the category of students’ ability in making evidence to the solution, so it needs improvement from the poor of students’ mathematical conjecturing abilities.</p> 2020-06-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 INOMATIKA